Seanachai Quote

"Do you really think there are no larger answers to the small ones we can supply? Miguel, we know there are answers for everything. Unfortunately, we know very few of them." (Alexis Paninian to Mitchell Campion following a 4 minute teleportation from Paxton, Ohio to 3XNorth, 3YEast and 150Z off the Coast of Spain, circa 5/28 & 3 weeks, OSB airdate 4/7/1959).

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Big Artifact Discovered

Spook, a carnival Percheron.
Today while cleaning out the barn I discovered an old peddler's wagon.  The wagon is yet to be certified for authenticity by the Midtown Museum Ladies Guild, but I am fairly sure the letters that I found in the floor boards will date the cart at or about 1903.  The owner, a Mr. Malcolm McMaerNie used the cart to sell his wares in the hills of Turow, Nova Scotia.  Sorting out the wares inventory will take some time.  The Ladies Guild will want to compare one registry with another.

Spook pulls the McMaerNie cart.
My concern is more of a physical nature.  The cart did not work when I tried to pull it out of the basement.  It took a crane.  Then the wheels turned, but there was no way to pull the cart.  I couldn't even push it forward or backward.  When I decided to hitch Spook to it, the wagon harness was fitted to the wrong height.  I suppose the McMaerNie used a Cobb to pull the cart.  Spook is a carnival Percheron.  Spook is a big horse.

Tarnished pots, pans and brooms found with the cart.
After two days of fiddling and bolting the wheels to the frame, I finally got the wagon up and running.  I believe its one of a kind.  I've looked through dozens of catalogs.  A similar rig does not exist.  It is possible that someone will want a replica version, if I can fix it up a bit more and get is listed.  So far my salespersonship has not been my strong suit.  Discovering, fitting pieces, and repairing a frayed hem or a painting a board here or there is more to my liking.  Hawking wares, particularly tin cups disguised as silver is better left to men like Malcolm McMaerNie.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Madge Does Not Know

Expenses are many.  The educational video business pays very little.  Most of my work is a contribution to the teachers at  Madge and I need to pay our rent.  She won't like it, but we are going offer after the wedding ceremony services.  I don't think we have time to do planning.  Madge will be grateful. 

The 2nd cart kept in the barn until needed.
I did get a 2nd cart ready today.   The fussing is coming to an end for summer 2010.

It rained!

Today it finally rained.  It has been hot and dry in Austral.  I don't remember the last time it rained.  Today it rained, the creeks filled with water, the sky darkened and the thunder crashed.  Madge and I, out riding in the cart ran for cover.  I am afraid of lightening.  The horses are afraid of thunder.  Madge is afraid of the horses, the cart, my driving the cart.  Madge is not happy.

Ruby finds driving a cart can be difficult.
Madge hasn't been happy for a few days.  She gets up in the morning, leaves before I wake and doesn't come home until very late.  She said, "I am feeling abandoned.  Mr. Tyion came here, you've been spending a lot of time over at that old house owned by the Baroness, and you've been running around from setting to setting trying to make things ready to story tell.  What happened to me being the story?"

"Madge," I said.  "You are the story in my book.  You always will be the story to me, but we do one part and the other characters take care of the rest.  I think we are interesting, but not that interesting."

"I did not like the cart ride," said Madge.  "Not one iota.  We got in.  You did not introduce me to the horses.  You set me in the seat, and you said giddyup.  You held a whip in your hand.  Who were you going to strike?  Those horses.  No wonder, they almost ran into the train.  Ruby, you can't drive."

"Driving takes practice, Madge.  It is true I don't yet know how to drive he cart.  I don't know the horses yet will enough to name them.  The cart's been setting in the inventory warehouse a long time, but I did not have anywhere to drive it." said Ruby.

Madge turned back to me and looked up with her hands on her hips.  "What are you going to do with the cart, the horses and the office, Ruby?  When will you have time to guide tours?  When will you take care of me?

"Madge, if you want to write stories, you have to make sacrifices, unless you are wealthy and I'm not.  I am making a gamble that this new process I am developing for storytelling will work out.  It will be cost effective and more convenient.  The Governor and I talked about using the cart for weddings.  I could drive the new couple from the church to the reception in the cart.  I'd fill it with flowers.  I'd string cans to the tailgate.  The cart will be lovely."

"If you learn how to drive," said Madge while shaking herself out like a soaked dog.   "If you learn how to drive."

Austral Governor Stoanes Visits

Early Morning Rounds for the Austral Governor
This morning I was honored that Governor Stoanes, making his early morning rounds on horseback stopped by the new tours office.  He praised the build, and he said something about the placement of the buildings.  I am pleased.  It took some time to arrange the horse barn, office and the cart on a small plot.  I too think it looks nice.  To celebrate I took a photograph and framed it for the house. Governor Stoanes may not stop by again when I am at home.  Next month, the teaching videos are produced in earnest again..  There is no knowing whether I will get home on weekends and holidays.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

South Steamlands Tours

For three weeks I've been putting off the completion of the building in Austral.  Partly for financial reasons and partly, because I wanted to be sure all my friends and colleagues were supplied with writing materials and publishig machines. I didn't get to it.

Today I did.  I went into my inventory building,what I call the shed. and I gutted, renovated and painted an old building given to me when I entered the premises over a year ago.  Now it is ready for use.  Instead of going on about it, and the fact I finally got my horse barn ready for Spook and Jane Eyre, I offer up some photos of the other part of my parcel.

Ruby on Jane Eyre in front of Tour Office
Ruby tries to determine if the tour office is level.
Looking at OUTBACK curb appeal potential

Monday, July 26, 2010

Working Out the Fuddy Duddy Fussiness

Since I could not get mind off issues I have with the teacher's neighbors in Otaki, I decided to build my old friend Ty a workshop not far from the studio.  He can get away from it all and create some nice tools or furniture there.  It is quiet and he won't be bothered by anyone changing the music. I dn't think he and Matt will see eye to eye.

An empty room, an old radio and lots of windows at 346ZM
A nice room of one's own to work in.  I like a big light airy place to work.  Where no one is about and there is nothing in my way.  I hope Ty will like it too.

"All the World's A Stage"

Walling Off the Production Facilities
Today I took some time out of my busy schedule to assist the teachers at the training and production facilities.  I do work there with Madge making educational videos.  It is only fair I help to maintain it. 

I dread maintaining the facility.  It is found in Otaki.  There is another administration office elsewhere, but the lab and theater are in Otaki off the main road.  Fortunately for the teachers the land is cheap.  Unfortunately for the teachers there are no building covenants.  There is zoning.  It is a family friendly community, but their neighbors are not interested in curb appeal.

Since the teachers wanted to enlarge the staging and props factory, the old office building needed to be torn down.  Tearing it down did not take too long.  A good sledge hammer does the job, but behind the building was an unslightly box that someone lives in.  There is other problems too.  On one side is a green sports court and on there other are tenements, garish signs and piled up trash. 

Regardless of what the teachers think, I walled the school off. The process of walling took three times the amount of time tearing the building down took.  I know it won't make anyone particularly happy, but for the time being the wall stays.  For the life of me, I've no farthing of an idea why residents buy property and throw up badly painted boxes.  There are taxes to pay for the land regularly.

Even when you don't know how to create a nice looking building or piece of furniture, a tree or a fence, there are many places to buy very inexpensive prefabrications.  Although, we do much of our own creating in order to get out the story or demonstrate what our readers can do, we rarely start from scratch entirely.  We are here to tell stories, all kinds of stories, fiction and functional.  Placing a nicely made object that someone else made and works fine is the art of staging a theatrical production.  Laying down a setting is no different than building a set for a film or play.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Answer One Question and Begat Another

I present to readers the entire mobile conversation between Ty and I that ocurred this evening (a Sunday night in the middle of summer).  I've no idea where I will get the funds to pay my debts.
Ty Udein: Well this is a fine establishment you recommended me to Ruby. Apparently it's a target for robbery. I must admit this surprises me, as I would think that a home owned by such a rich woman would have better security. I will be speaking with the governess about this, because truth be told, i can't deal with robbers right now. Anyways I'd lock your doors if I were you.

Ruby Glenfadden: Oh dearie Ty. I knew that something was going on over at that house. I wonder who else is there. I know it is not what it seems

Ty Udein: Well I know I’ve got a fellow tenant. Matt something. But I am not going to jump to the conclusion that he is the robber. I mean, we've never even met. And it's bad judgment to jump to such conclusions.

Ruby Glenfadden: Matt! Did you say Matt?

Ty Udein: Yes, why?

Ruby Glenfadden: I did not tell you, because I did not want to worry you, but he wrote me a letter. He wants money. He is the same Matt Dutton, who harassed us at CCN. He works for the tea company. So he says.

Ty Udein: Wait, wasn't he partly responsible to the events with the exploding pellet?

Ruby Glenfadden: I am not sure, but I know he was not in the cavern to sell tea. He was there to exploit the algae growers.

Ty Udein: So then, why is he here? I mean, what interest could he have here? And in Zeppelinheim of all places?

Ruby Glenfadden: I am not sure about that either. I don't know how he knows Gailynne or how they are related. I do know she is very odd too.

Ty Udein: I sent her a letter a while ago about meeting. Maybe she can clear some things up. Though... what do you mean by Odd?

Ruby Glenfadden: I need some sleep to think this over. What did Matt take?

Ty Udein: My coffee and the mug of all things. I don't know why he would want it if he was a tea lover.

Ruby Glenfadden: yes, was it hot and a good blend? Oh very hot and an exotic blend at that.

Ruby Glenfadden: He is not a tea lover. The whole tea business is a front. I am sure of it.

Ty Udein: Eh, my new phone is ringing. I must go. But we need to talk about this again.

Finishing Off This and That

Ruby's Billboard Advertising at Austral Home
This morning I awoke early to finish locating the Dutton Poohkeepsietomeway Telescope.  It was more of a job than I expected.  It always is.  While hanging the information sign, I thought I would dig out the Tours sign and add a Coming Soon.  I hope that both will attract some onlookers.  Whether or not I will have time or capital to build an expedition clothing shop remains to be seen.  I wanted to do the tours in the cavern, but I never followed through. Plans are in the works to combine my documentary travel with the tours.

 Not too much has changed.  There are still gold mines to find, antiques to collect and art or artifacts to carbon date.  Any expedition tourists who come along only help to fund the trips.  It is all good.

One mystery; however, is still nagging me.  Last night Doctor Soulstar's medical clinic was open.  Today it is gone, in a poof, like a snap, it is no longer there.  Only a patch of lighter colored earth remains.  I am not sure if the good doctor left for economic reasons, or that he was sued for malpractice.  His clinic treated some odd sorts:  cyborgs, robots, limb damaged avatars.  Because of my history with a similar kind of operation nearly a decade ago, I hesitated to take up his treatment offer.  I told him, "I feel better than fine," when I am actually feeling kind of tired these days.  I chock that feeling up to long days of tale telling and fitful nights of being told the tale.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Pookeepsietomeway Telescope

Shortly after I first arrived in the hemisverse I discoved a *telescope that I hoped to sell to an unsuspecting tourist.  It worked only to magnify stills; an elaborate slide show projector in an archival shell.  When cleaning out an old trunk I noticed it again.  I decided to take it apart, pull out the mechanisms and fix it.  The fixing part was not so easy.  After an entire day of looking for spare parts and code to make it work, I finally finished it close to midnight.  The viewer can actually see the stars and near planets through the scope.  A photo is attached that was taken not 30 minutes prior to the posting of this entry.

Since there is a complete story that goes with the scope, and I plan to add it here, I only wanted to add that I ran into an old friend of mine today.  He came to see me last year, but didn't stay.  He simply couldn't get comfortable.  Now he was back, but this time more eager than ever to participate in whatever our little group of storytellers were willing to whittle.

A former cavern dweller like myself, his name is Ty Udein.  He keeps a record of his life here.  The Second Road.

From time to time I expect our paths will cross again, because he rented a room from Ms. Ghennyn, who lives in the old house she inherited.  After warning him it was a spooky old place, that grows spookier every day, he went there to see Ms. Ghennyn.  A few hours later he called to say that he was moving in furniture to the 2nd floor apartment.  I never said a word to him about the letter I received from Matt Dutton.  I don't think they were on friendly terms when Matt left the cavern.  He will likely want to avoid any meetings with Mr. Monk

More about the Dutton Poohkeepsietomeway Telescope
Dr. Mercutio Dutton's Telescope

Dr. Dutton's Telescope was found by explorer Ruby during her recent trip to Poohkeepsietomeway. Poohkeepsietomeway is a muesum that has seen it'be better day, but stil archives some of the most notable treasures in all of sub-creation.  Ruby worried about moving the scope, and her right to do so. She is, for the most part, a preservationist. Once a museum curator, she knows the worth of a good museum. Old museum cronies assured her the museum members would appreciate the relocation of some of its treasures, because the muesum could be imploded anyday to make way for the Pookeepsiemeway International Parkway and Nascar Exhibit.

The original Dutton scope (circa 1878) will continue to be housed in the Worlds of Learning Observatory, but replicas (limited to 1,500) will be sold in the Exploratorium, if anyone is interested in having the priceless steam punkish scope, click the landmark below and go there. The price is reasonable and more scope viewmaster packages are coming (librarians at the museum are boxing them up and sending them into the world everyday).

Authenticity Confirmed by the AIW Open Me Project and the Society of Virtual Perservation Artitists the 31 day of July, 2009.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Building a Tale From Neath the Earth Up

Instead of flying today I took a nap. Then I finished some red tape papework, and left the house for the Wayfare, aka as the Jacopo Belbo "ascenion" airstrip. This is where a good sit by the fireside can be found, along with several other artifacts that are not yet found. It is where I do my best work.

Because the Wayfare also provides me a place to land my larger ships on the mainland, I took away what I learned from the Austral Airbase experts and applied some of their notions.  To create an even more comfortable place to find my soul at 950ZM I decided to stamp the helium balloon with the number 08071923. This is a clue that only family members will recognize.

 Authors and particulary film makers, who squeeze in an image that means something significant only to them or their ilk, will take the opportunity to add an object, color, a special word into the tale whenever the opportunity comes up. Tonight it did. What a lovely night it was.
Helium Balloon 08081923 Airship Moor @ 945ZM

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Inside Scout After Wallpaper Change
I broke down and bought the Scout.  I looked at it for a week.  My neighbor Simply Iwish designed and sells the airships.  It is a bit less fancy than some of my other airships, but it is artsy and I like the views.  It puts me right into the drivers seat and I watch the wheel go right to left and back.  The Scout steers well.  My other ships are more difficult to turn. 

Baroness D'Landria House at Midnight
After flying through Caledon toward the old house that Dolly mentioned in her letter to Ghaelen, the same house that got much some much needed repair, I ventured over to the new airport.  Before I talk much about what I found there, I need to mention what I found in Zeppelienheim.  I expected the house to look lived in.  The other day I noticed a light turn on in the upstairs apartment.  Tonight no light flickered, but I am almost sure someone is squatting there. I might have flew in closer, if not for the appointment I needed to keep at the airport.

Attepting to Land on Fixed Wing Runway
When I got to the airport I tried to land the Scout down on the strip.  Immediately Mr. Gaffer arrived to direct me to the landing point.  He was not happy that I chose to land the airship on what he called a fixed wing runway.  Embarassed by own inexperience about flying, I quickly apologized.  He then told me that I could land my craft in the upper deck area, a place built expressly for the larger ships, air balloons and whatnot.  I pulled the Scout back, up and took her to an altitiude of 238ZM and into stall 3.  I then dropped down to the deck and looked around.  The air base is huge. I walked around for several minutes.  I found an elevator and took it down to the same airstrip I tried to land on earlier.  Mr. Gaffer was happy to see that I found a good place to park - not on the fixed wing airstrip. He also let me know how to get back up to the third tier of stalls.  Taking off from the tier was less confusing.  I found my sight direction and headed for the house.  Mileage was not the objective for this trip.  Seeing the spooky Baroness house on the cliff and finding the airport was enough rigor for one day.

The East Zindra Company

This is not a flight log entry, but I had to stop my work on a floating raft that emerges from a backpack to inform my readers of a new airbase in Austral. The airbase is located in the northwest corner of the continent, and it perfectly located at 142ZM.  A picture, being worth a gazillion of my words follows the entry.  Not only is there a wide functional strip, a lovely glass walled lounge and fueling, there is a flight log status board and directions.  I generally need directions.  My old clumsiness and fear of altitudes above sea level comes into play when I fly. If you get a chance to visit the province of Austral, be sure to check out the flight facilities still being formally named.

I am not advising these folks here in Austral about a name for their wonderful airbase.  I do not yet know the characters, and I see the airbase as a character element in the story of Austral and its citzens.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Intentions 1

Most of my day was spent calling repair people to come out and look at Gailynne's place.  I hardly know the girl, only that she is somehow related to Ghaelen D'Lareh.  I do know a few door installers.  The pocket doors in the old house were taken down and never rehung.  The open and close very well now.

I am not sure whether the Baroness is moving in.  She told me during a phone conversation that she already knew of a boarder who would pay her a substantial sum to for the use of one room and the upper deck.  Apparently, he is an airship fanatic too.   There are so many new residents everyday.  It is hard to keep up.  I think I forgot to ask her for his name.

Ghaelen's worries concern a letter she got from her Aunt Dolly.  My worries concern a letter I received from Matt Dutton.  One day I hear he is on his way to greater Caledon and the next day I hear the story of his coming is mere speculation.  The poor economy has hurt the Down Under Tea Company, and it is not clear the company asked him to come back.  Personally, I would be happy to find he decided to go elsewhere.

Tomorrow I promise to enter a flight log.  I took the Ishmael out last evening.  The sunset was lovely.  The airship handled beautifully. It is likely the Ishmael is he most stable aircraft available.  I certainly appreciate its stability.

Oxbridge University

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Water Log  ~ July 19, 2010 (The Queen Flo @ midnight)
Very late last night I finished working on The Queen Flo, named for my 4th grade school teacher.  SimplyAmy Iwish happened by in the nicktime to keep me from exploding, when my entire ferry fell apart, because I inadverently unscrewed every bolt in a fell swoop.  Her impromptu hot air balloon exposition saved my otherwise frustrating evening; particularly the part when my benefactor decided to watch the smutty and completely without merit Bachelorette program.  I lost several hours of repair time.

When she finally returned to her transportation control booth I took The Queen Flo out. While I did not make it to my destination in Winterfell, I did make it further than I had in the past.  The Queen Flo travels about 8 kph at full throttle.  Speeds any higher cause problems for me personally (seasickness), and for my technical equipment.  The views don't load in enough time, and the trip is choppy.  5kph to 8 kph is a perfect ride; albeit slow.  It too nearly 30 minutes to run the route, including handling a mishap.

Along the early part of the route I can see train track tunnels scattered throughout the southeast waters.  I stopped to take a looksee.  As yet I've never seen the steam operated train.  The steampunk tunnels are beautiful, and I am curious about what it must be like to ride through them.  After swimming about the sea floor I surfaced.  Because I did not take my diving equipment, I surfaced a number of times.  Each time I came up and looked around, but I forgot about The Queen Flo.  Where was she? 

After fumbling around looking for her topside, I decided to retrace my steps.  Of course, I decided this only after wasting several minutes of valuable time.  Once I dived, walked the distance and surfaced, I found her right where I left her. Then we proceeded to Caledon Downs.  It was a convoluted route.  I saw many wonderful inventions, and I back tracked out of a few dead ends.  By midnight I knew my time was up.  I was too tired to continue and I found the most direct open water I could find to my Oak and Sterling home. 

Tomorrow I will definitely make a similar trip, but I will take Lillith or Ishmael.  My tour company plans will have to wait.

Monday, July 19, 2010

FLIGHT LOG 2 ~ Matt Dutton Returns

Flight Log July 19, 2010
Today there were not flights. Not a single one.  It is possible Madge and I will find time later to take out Ishmael, my personal favorite airship for trips throughout the Caledon continent.  It is lightweight and maneuvers well.  Or we could take a another horse ride.  I still looking for the train station and the trains that circle the area. 

There is also news.  This news is part of the reason I was not able to file flight plans.  I am concerned I am being watched.  The reason?  A Mr. Matt Dutton sent me a letter.  I've not heard from this fellow in months.  The last I knew he was working for a Mrs. McSandland in a completely other hemiverse.  She wrote once that he tried to reach me.  I never wrote back to her.

Mr. Dutton says I owe his company money.  Something about a trip I took that resulted in service charges above and beyond the ticket price.  The only trip I remember taking was a trip out of the cavern to visit a tea company in New Mexico.  I know that it sounds odd.  A tea company in New Mexico? 

It was odd, and I only decided to book the ridiculous venture at the suggestion of Mrs. Harold Diego.  For those you suffer from forgetting or never knowing, Mrs. Diego is the woman, who married an old colleague of mine, now deceased.  One day while digging a hole to look for the Teledahn shaft two cowboys arrived to tell me she was living next door to the excavation.  I remain surprised by that, because I was never sure what one matter had to do with the other, but it always does.  Doesn't it?

I can see now that I need to add a backstory page.  For my readers I can guarantee some continuity and a beginning, middle and end sequence that is so important to school teachers everywhere.  Without such a sequence how could third grader stories ever be graded with a rubric.  There is enough invented spelling to decode.  Asking someone to unravel a lateral story like mine is asking too much!

Back to Mr. Dutton.  I am leaving a photo with you.  He sent one with his letter to remind me of his appearance, since appearance sometimes changes when the avatar species changes locations.  From my point of view, he looks pretty much the same:  smug.

My immediate reaction to his search for me was fear.  I'm broke.  I've been doing a bit of land speculation.  I already owe one loan shark, who is purports to be a real estate agent.  I knew better, but I wanted the parcel.  Oh, the sins of preference.

The new Jacopo Belbo Airship Pier and Launch ~ @950 meters, it is a perfect place to keep secrets.  Afterall there is much study to be done.  Lately, I've listening to radio interviews.  All sorts.  Nothing is too wacky.  I am on a mission to find the questions first and in between the answers.  Please go here to make your own review. Gnostic Podcasts - Treason Mythology.  Are you scared yet?  It is very out there, but also very interesting.  Matt will not know more than me about his dubious work.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Ishmael @ Austral Home Dock
Flight Log:  July 16, 2010
Ishmael (Midnight, 72 Minutes, alt. 800m over Austral, Caledon and Winterfell)
The Pearl (Zaitsev Launch, 53 Minutes, alt. 150m - 960m over open seas,  crashed w/o warning @ Roman Empre).
Today I took two flights without Madge.  Because Ktahdn, a renowned radio personality, and I crashed the other day while touring wth the ferry and the lillith, I figured it best to map out some trails.  It is wierd, but there no virtual world columns or blogs available to read.  I am not sure why.  I did take out a subscription to the Steampunk Tribune.  The Tribune's headline article talked about the history of virtual airships, but I could not fnd an article on how to fly?  I suppose, after logging in enough hours, I will venture into writing a help guide of my own.

I took off in the Ishmael first.  I wanted to check out some parcels in an area north of Caledon.  If  I were not on such a tight budget, I would definitely lease a parcel of land there.  It is beautiful and dark in Winterfell Ebonshire.  I expect it would be a great place to build a shanty at sea level, while maintaining an airstrip high above (apx. 800m).  Then I could fly reconnaissance missions to and fro.  According to my neighbor, there is something fishy going on in Austral.  He owns a large shipyard.  Cargo ships carrying who knows what are constantly moving about.  The clatter they make behind my dock is almot deafening at times.  Thank goodness the sound of the sea and the gulls keep me focused.

Finally, I am negotiating for my parcel in Zaitsev. 

It is very expensive. I will need to purchase through a lease to buy program. Per the real estate agent, my deal is made. Now I can finish the Jacopo Belbo Airstrip. I am excited, because I will have a place to work on the ships far away from my home where I write my seanachai tales, or my work at th Edummersive Worlds Productions studios in Otaki. The latter job is very interesting, but requires me to be on time, stick to a schedule and peform for others. I hope my benefactor appreciates the sacrifices I make for her.

Madge is due a flight. Maybe tonight I will take her out for another midnight run.

Ruby and Madge ContinueTheir Lateral Storytelling Adventures

First Post - Third Person - will be duplicated for the Who Am I BioFrom this navigational point forward all posts will be made in the first person, and written by Ruby O'Degee Glefadden.  This is the 3rd blog she attempted to start.  The bits and pieces of the other two are someplace, but she now considers this tome to be the official blog.

Ruby asked her benefactor to post her adventures on a Face Book account that she rarely visited.  Her benefactor will continue to speak about Ruby on her FB wall, but she realizes that her posts will seem odd, if not completely ludricrous to her friends, family and friends of friends.  Not understanding who and what Ruby does is part of the fiasco.  Benefactor friends could make the wrong assumption that she has no life, while she does have a life, albeit she often procrastinates about getting to it.

Ruby, on the other hand, along with her loyal companion Madge Millicuddles is always up to something.  First thought of in 1995, finally born in the fall of 2003 and materialized in many virtual locales, Ruby continues the life of the seanachai and explorer.  Athough much backstory will need to be added to this blog, she is now living in Austral, a mysterious continent to the south of Caledon, and writing her book, Finding Violet's Voice.  She also works at the Edummersive Worlds Production Studios in Otaki, and she flies her airships out of Zaitsev.  The pier, named after one of her favorite folk heros, Jacopo Belbo is fully functional, but overburdened with airships in need of repair and legible flight logs.

This blog will help her to sort through what she is doing from one day to the next.  Stay tuned.