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"Do you really think there are no larger answers to the small ones we can supply? Miguel, we know there are answers for everything. Unfortunately, we know very few of them." (Alexis Paninian to Mitchell Campion following a 4 minute teleportation from Paxton, Ohio to 3XNorth, 3YEast and 150Z off the Coast of Spain, circa 5/28 & 3 weeks, OSB airdate 4/7/1959).

Monday, July 26, 2010

"All the World's A Stage"

Walling Off the Production Facilities
Today I took some time out of my busy schedule to assist the teachers at the training and production facilities.  I do work there with Madge making educational videos.  It is only fair I help to maintain it. 

I dread maintaining the facility.  It is found in Otaki.  There is another administration office elsewhere, but the lab and theater are in Otaki off the main road.  Fortunately for the teachers the land is cheap.  Unfortunately for the teachers there are no building covenants.  There is zoning.  It is a family friendly community, but their neighbors are not interested in curb appeal.

Since the teachers wanted to enlarge the staging and props factory, the old office building needed to be torn down.  Tearing it down did not take too long.  A good sledge hammer does the job, but behind the building was an unslightly box that someone lives in.  There is other problems too.  On one side is a green sports court and on there other are tenements, garish signs and piled up trash. 

Regardless of what the teachers think, I walled the school off. The process of walling took three times the amount of time tearing the building down took.  I know it won't make anyone particularly happy, but for the time being the wall stays.  For the life of me, I've no farthing of an idea why residents buy property and throw up badly painted boxes.  There are taxes to pay for the land regularly.

Even when you don't know how to create a nice looking building or piece of furniture, a tree or a fence, there are many places to buy very inexpensive prefabrications.  Although, we do much of our own creating in order to get out the story or demonstrate what our readers can do, we rarely start from scratch entirely.  We are here to tell stories, all kinds of stories, fiction and functional.  Placing a nicely made object that someone else made and works fine is the art of staging a theatrical production.  Laying down a setting is no different than building a set for a film or play.

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