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"Do you really think there are no larger answers to the small ones we can supply? Miguel, we know there are answers for everything. Unfortunately, we know very few of them." (Alexis Paninian to Mitchell Campion following a 4 minute teleportation from Paxton, Ohio to 3XNorth, 3YEast and 150Z off the Coast of Spain, circa 5/28 & 3 weeks, OSB airdate 4/7/1959).

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Vicinity Map

The Vicinty Map GPS Project

The Vicinity Map is a GPS Project to locate the origin and "where" element of any story (The GIST)?  The map generator loops it way through the homo sapien right side brain: intuition/holistic/random/imagination (non-linear) to the left side brain: logical and sequential order (linear). The Vicninty Map is rarely precise, but always asks the bigger question, " does it really matter a hoot, once the hills and dales erode, and the sands reclaim the desert?

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