Seanachai Quote

"Do you really think there are no larger answers to the small ones we can supply? Miguel, we know there are answers for everything. Unfortunately, we know very few of them." (Alexis Paninian to Mitchell Campion following a 4 minute teleportation from Paxton, Ohio to 3XNorth, 3YEast and 150Z off the Coast of Spain, circa 5/28 & 3 weeks, OSB airdate 4/7/1959).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Getting to Know Lydia

Laying in the corner

From the silly to the scary, Lydia Diego's decorating choices are preplexing.  If my students do decide to take a tour of the premises, I hope they see her for what she holds dear.

Lydia Diego's idea of how to fill a space is both
silly and scary.  Wondering about the trees?

Someone left a note to request the putt putt
paintings be hidden
The "Destiny" painting says more about the folks who hung it

Monday, April 25, 2011

Color and Use - The Adobe Effect

I admit I like the idea of using what you collect. The Diegos did not stop with cataloguing their finds.  They used them at the farm.  Today I spent some time looking around at the colorful kitchen. 

Other times I've been here the light shone too strongly, or the shadows obstructed my view.  Now that the view is in focus, I enjoy hanging around the Diego kitchen.  I get the odd feeling somebody beat me to it.  The place is neither dusty or damp.  Even the countertops are spic and span clean.  No mildew, no bread crumbs.

I've seen the adobe style screen someplace else.  I wonder whether I could copy the style  and use the screen for shutters on my own home.  There must be a stack of other designs around here.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fiction By Fictive Real-Time vs. Non-Fiction Real Life

The Diego's reverance for Destiny
A damp family portrait that needs repair
  Between writing the story, trying to find some missing script a friend sent me to record, and trying to find this clue or that I write these posts to let the readers know where I am at.  I posted Chapter 10 to the Devokan Trust Draft Bank.  I edited what I posted later, added some illustration and moved all of what I assembled to the blog where the traditional version of the story is published.  Whew!

The story is told about a 15 year period, but somehow it seems to hold together like a novel will.  Tomorrow I am going to begin telling the Matt R. Dutton story line.  The Diegos are a mysterious couple that are not always up to the noble effort, but Matt can be downright wicked.  I am going to love telling that part of the story.

It does at times get confusing.  Usually writers are telling a story about a fictional character or characters.  In this case I am a fictive with a real time story to use as fodder.  It makes my fictive story more interesting and authentic.  In no case am I ever telling my benefactor's real life story.  That is the morsel of information that is difficult for me to talk about or for my readers to understand.  I know of only a few other storytellers trying to write with this method, while using this sort of material  (its actually been done since the days of the fertile crescent).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My writing for the Lakewater Project has brought back memories of my first trip into Myst during the spring of 1994.  I thought the world had been laid at my feet.  When I boarded the shuttle to find a tattered book, there was nothing else that mattered to me, except to take this adventure.  It became a 17 year long obession in looking at story from an entirely other perspective- that of the "sideways" participant and observer.

In other news I decided to draft and keep my story @ the Devokan Trust.  The folks over there are storytellers by words and builds.  They seem to understand the unique situation we face.  I like that we can read each story, and go back to writing our own.  It is a postive environment.

The edited story will be added to this blog as the story takes shape and firms up.  At this point I am adding in some journal notes I took about my one day trip to meet Mrs. Diego.  That was certainly an expected experience.  Because I spent a good chunk of time telling her about my early age adventures, and how I came to know her husband Harold, a Midtown Museum Foundation contributor, I could add a few chapters to my personal journal.  I didn't realize then my little diary would become part of much bigger story.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2 more Ett Sophia Diego scrapbook photos

The Gatekeeper's Hut is the Point of Entry
Two more photos @ Lakewater.  No post to the journal today.  I was writing the backstory that is being published in a linear fashion for those readers, who like to read in the gothic tradition of what comes first, next, then, after that and so on. 

A Desert Irrigation System for Mushrooms
and other fauna.
I like to read that way too..when I am not reading modernist works.  Those stories challenge me to think a tad harder and hold on for the fast turns.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lakewater Irrigation Systems

Diego Photograph 1
 Pipes large enough to drive a truck through

I don't have angel wings (well known fact). I can't reach places yet where I can take aerial photographs, but my travels did take me to a place where Mrs. Diego hid some photographs in an easel. The easel was located in her private "park," a gazebo in the sky that I posted about yesterday.

Mrs. Diego's Personal Gazebo

What interested me today is the old rusty plumbing system that seems to cover much of the estate. It is a wonder that any sun makes it to the ground. I suppose mushrooms and plants that colorize mushroom laden grocery items don't require too much sunlight. These plants do seem to require a lot of water; a problem the Diego's solved for awhile

Diego Photograph 2
Water main broken, but drips continue to spill over terrace garden
Diego Photograph 3
 Now a lake exists, but it was not there before
.  How did the water get to the pipes?


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Most likely the cowboys built a personal retreat for Mrs. Diego

I could see that everything about this retreat was handmade,
- not borrowed or purchased elsewhere  The cowboys built it for Mrs. Diego .
Fashioned after the personal age reached via the cavern about three miles from Lakewater is Mrs. Diego's personal peaceful retreat. It is smaller than Relto and less fancy, but it was a perfect place for Mrs. Diego to hide.

I did find a spigot attached to the island mountain, but the wingnut is broken.  It didn't sound like water ran through it.  Likely the water source dried up during all the turmoil of the last few years.  The rusted pipe looked fragile and ready to crumble.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Productive Etherialtoobus Grove

Etherialtoobus Grove
One of the most interesting tree groves in Agua Del Lago de Granja (Lakewater Farms) grows between the labor shacks.  It seems to thrive in the sun and wet moss ground.  It is not surprising it survived the flood.  Like other plants on the farm, it appears to be a graft hybrid found in neighboring locales and ages. 
Etherialtoobus Fruits
Like indigo the toobus provides a dye source.  I have no idea why mushroom chefs would prefer colored mushrooms.  Then again, why are we so attracted to colored drinking waters?  Toobus nuts smell like grilled salmon.  There is something wrong here.  I am not sure it went wrong before the flood, after the flood or at the get go.  My grandfather said "never overlook the power of intention."