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"Do you really think there are no larger answers to the small ones we can supply? Miguel, we know there are answers for everything. Unfortunately, we know very few of them." (Alexis Paninian to Mitchell Campion following a 4 minute teleportation from Paxton, Ohio to 3XNorth, 3YEast and 150Z off the Coast of Spain, circa 5/28 & 3 weeks, OSB airdate 4/7/1959).

Sunday, March 17, 2013

O'fer Diluvian Age Writer Campsite

For awhile now I've been thinking I need to get this or that all done.  What will people think about my journey to nowhere, if I am not productive?  Then it dawned on me, my story is about age writing, not age completion.  I am hereby giving myself some time to do other things.  Tonight I am not going to research from my trailer.  I am not going back into work a the museum.  I am going to loaf out here near the barely started (over again) Great Zero tributary.  I wonder what those humans are doing on Facebook anyway? Talk about fictive!

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