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"Do you really think there are no larger answers to the small ones we can supply? Miguel, we know there are answers for everything. Unfortunately, we know very few of them." (Alexis Paninian to Mitchell Campion following a 4 minute teleportation from Paxton, Ohio to 3XNorth, 3YEast and 150Z off the Coast of Spain, circa 5/28 & 3 weeks, OSB airdate 4/7/1959).

Sunday, September 14, 2014

For Mr. Tyion

While testing horses in Oakes Valley, I decided to invite Madge Millicuddles into Oakes Valley for a ride.   She so badly wanted to Mr. Tyion to see her riding a horse, she asked me to post about it.  So I said I would in between reading about the "end of the classroom."  Madge does keep me laughing and Madge does keep me honest.

By the way, Neither Madge or I are unhappy to see that old classroom go.  It truly outlived its usefulness.  Bring on the future.

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