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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Brantley No.3 Shaft Progress

Lake Brantley Rare Find Shaft
Brantley No. 3 Shaft storybuild, an Uru explorer tale, is nearly ready to ship off to the Devokan Grid. The story summary about it came to be follows...

Brantley No. 3 Shaft, Uru Refugee Explorer Storybuild, Revision VI, Spring 2015

Ruby's latest revision build is Brantley No. 3 Shaft, located 4.82 KM north and 4.82 KM west of the D'ni Restoration fence gate. During the spring of 2008 a antediluvian flood caused mass devastation in a rarely seen area of the Brantley Lake Park area,  somewhere close to the cavern that Ruby grew to love during her many expeditions to find out more about the 10,000 year old civilization of age writers.

This build is a written age, like the others she learned to create with mesh tools, even though Ruby is absolutely sure is not of D'ni origin. In fact, it was Dr. Matt R. Dutton and his nefarious colleague, Uwigor Orlongears who commissioned Ruby to revise the Brantley Shaft they built in late 2006 while explorers were busily making and blowing up pellets to lighten the lake. As long time members of the International Historical Consortium and co-conspirators in the preparation and distribution of algae grown best in the dark recesses of the D'ni cavern, the two evil doers proposed a better solution for the cavern. That solution was darkness (so they could better grow their concoction).

After a long detailed story about how narrow focused Ruby came to associate with this endeavor to break into the D'ni shaft and harvest tea, she regrets getting involved at all, but expenses were mounting at the Midtown Arts Museum, and she needed a little help from friends and enemies after Hurricane Sandy separated the museum's under the overpass terrain from the rest of Poohkeepsietomeway. Two years later parts of the Poohkeepsietomeway neighborhood submerged into the middle of the Hudson River rose up, but it was too late to get out of her deal with the late Harold Diego, the Consortium's founder.

The plots we weave aren't always what it is expected. Studying for years how to build pleasant ages where explorers can retreat is not her calling. Ruby O'Degee's storybuilds more likely include family friendly murder, mystery, intrigue and cozy mayhem.

Along with her adversaries, she brings her old friends from the Midtown Ladies Guild, Madge Middicuddles, Beatrice Hollings, Clarice Dooloddle and sometimes, Ghaelen D'Lareh's aunt Dolly D'warlia. it is a mess, but it is her explorer story. No worries about treading through the canon of other Cyantist or other writers.

Most recently no worries about how to fill her builds with content.  Ruby, regardless of shortcomings and pitfalls, the calamities of the past 12 years and plots that led to nowhere, she continues to learn about writing a fairly lo poly, general rated age. If the restoration was still opening new ages to explorers, her age writing story might never happened, so busy she would be producing her documentaries and making minor storyline trouble between cavern updates. Sometimes life and storybuilding takes an odd turn now and then.

Brantley No. 3 Shaft includes:
  • Captain Hollings Pirate Ship Artifact.
  • Hiking Trail to the top of Mount Rare Find.
  • DUT Front End Loader Tractor and Asteroid Defense System.
  • Advertised Opening to the D'ni Restoration Cavern (possible ruse, red herring, mislead).
  • Linking Books to other explorer stories and ages.
  • An open letter to Cyan hidden someplace in the build reguesting (pleading, begging) that they take another look into Open Sim now that Devokan builds are many, that refugees are continuing (after all these years) to build, and that the use of Mesh and Bullet Physics is taking us in a whole new direction.
Nothing would be finer than a Cyan managed grid that refugees could use and fund together (personal narrowly focused opinion of Ruby O'Degee, curator of Midtown Arts Museum/Lakewater Project, Myst/Uru refugee, Obduction Kickstarter Supporter, and Devokan Trustee.

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