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Monday, April 6, 2015

Lattice - Metaphor and Modifier - A Favorite TOOL Tutorial

The Lattice cage/Lattice Modifier is one of my favorite Blender tools to use.  I so appreciate the way it works to preserve simple, easy to texture geometry, while bending and curving the original mesh.  No need for more polygons to create organic/useful objects. For some purposes the Lattice cage lathes without the mess.

Since its an oldie, but goodie, it is also Blender stable.  Nearly everyone can use it.

1.  Add Mesh Object
2.  Enter EDIT MODE
3. Loop Cut & Slide  (for later bending)

2.  Add Lattice (Lattice is a cage tool used to bend mesh without seriously disturbing the geometry that causes problems during the UV unwrapping and texturing process).
3.Deselect all.  Then select the Mesh first and the Lattice second (order is important).
4. KEYBOARD - Cntrl key and P key, then choose Set Parent to Object option form the menu that opens.
5.  Deselect all.
6. Select Mesh, then choose LATTICE modifier from the properties menu.
7.  Choose Lattice from Options in the field box shown in the slide upper right (likely the only option available.  This will further connect/confirm the Mesh is connected to the Lattice Cage.  The Lattice Cage is going to manipulate (bend, pull or stretch) the mesh.

1.  Deselect Mesh
2.  Select Lattice cage, and select Lattice from Properties Options (this new option opened when you selected the Lattice cage).
3.  In this case the cage loop cuts are made in the panel that opened when the Lattice option is chosen.
You've now prepared the set up for the Lattice cage manipulation to begin.

1.Enter EDIT MODE.
2. Now there is an option to choose Lattice cage vertices to manipulate with the B select box, C select area or individually one by one..

 Select the vertices you want to manipulateNotice the mesh is also being manipulated.  There are many creative uses for the Lattice cage.  How you manipulate the mesh object is up to you.

 Select the vertices you want to manipulate.
Use either with the mirror modifier or without.  In this case the ends of the mesh were not meant to be rotated and raised into the same bend.

1.  Save Blender file.
2.  Enter OBJECT MODE.
3.  Select the Mesh

4. KEYBOARD - Alt key and C key, choose convert mesh from curve (if edit mode is entered, you will note the mesh is its original form, because its "curve" is not yet converted to mesh).  This is a very important step to remember when any "illusion" of a mesh is still an "illusion."  If something goes wrong during the conversion process, try it again with the saved Blender file.  You must be in object mode to finish the process.
5.  Once the mesh is "REAL," deselect it and  Delete the Lattice cage.  Check your improved object in EDIT MODE.  Notice how little the mesh was deformed during the process.

If you are still not sure how to use the LATTICE modifier, find out more about Live Blender tutorials at  Waymarker 88221 Live Tutorials

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